Hair care

Hair care

Hair fillers

Hair fillers are products that allow you to color your hair back to its natural color. They fill the hair with a pigment that was missing from your previous color.

What is filling for?

Filling allows you to partially get rid of a previous artificial color. It must be followed by another color, otherwise the result will not look natural. We usually use it in order to lighten hair that has too much pigmentation due to hair color products. Your hair will most likely be weakened by these consecutive coloring, even though fillers are considered as a care, which is why you must always remember to treat your hair well.

Will I go back to my natural color?

A simple filling will not allow you to revert to your natural color straightaway. It is more a method through which your hairdresser will lighten the over pigmentation resulting from a color darker than your natural one.


If our hairstylists are of the opinion that your hair is too damaged and fragile, they will not use a filler on your hair, but they will suggest other methods to you and hair care that will fulfill your wishes while being appropriate to your hair.

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Kérastase Beauty Routine

There are three main steps in the Kérastase Beauty Routine; a bath, a treatment, and a texturizing product. Simple to realize, you could do this beauty ritual at your home or let our hairstylists take care of the three steps for you in our salon Minelle Coiffure. Your hair will look great and fully treated, just as your scalp. No need to wait for the umpteenth application to feel its effects. You hair recover its flexibility, shine, and property on the first application.

Kérastase 5 min Fusio-dose

Kérastase offers every hair type a fusio-dose especially created for it. In Minelle Coiffure, our hairdressers are trained to diagnose what combination of hair care (booster) and concentre is perfect for you. The fusio-dose penetrates the heart of the hair and treats it for a long time. Each defect in your hair will be repaired thanks to the fusio-dose care. Only 5 minutes are needed to give back youth, brilliance, color and lightness to your hair fiber. Are you looking for a care especially designed for your hair? No need to look further! It waits for you at Minelle Coiffure.

Kérastase 20 min Chronologiste Ritual

Thanks to caviar pearls in the Kérastase Chronologiste Ritual, your hair will benefit from a unique elixir of youth. There are four steps for this ritual. The first one is a caring and scalp revitalization shampoo that our experts will use to purify your hair and scalp. Then there are two crucial steps; a revitalizing shampoo and an intensely nourishing balm. Both will nourish and make the hair shine. For the last step, our Minelle expert will apply a perfumed oil to complete the Chronologiste Ritual and give you an enchanting, finished look.

Davines Kératine Miracle 15 min

The hair care Kératine miracle from Davines is one of our key products which will leave you speechless. It is a care without formalin, so your hair is well hydrated but not smoothed. The Kératine miracle will calm frizzy hair and give it a glamorous look. Our hairdressers will apply the product section by section in order to open the cuticles and nourish in-depth the hair. Do not be afraid to wash your hair and lose the product effect because your hair already had its deep structure change. After each application, your hair will recover its natural beauty.

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