The whole story about hairdressing

Hair is playing the role of thermal insulation. It protects the head against cold and heat. Is it interesting!? Not really! Probably because everybody tends to forget its first function. A fashionable haircut is the only preoccupation today. As for men and women, finding the perfect haircut has always been the beginning of the research for an ideal style.

The evolution of haircuts

The art of hair-styling dates back to Antiquity. Since then, it has changed a lot and has given up wigs and incredibly complicated, high haircuts. Nowadays, one’s personality is always defined by the time he or she passes structuring his or her hairstyle. Trends come and go, but the main idea stays the same. A hairstyle is like a letter; you can pass any message you want through it.A haircut could express a personality, a certain type of clothing style, or way of life. Beyond the aesthetic sense of our hairstylists, the Minelle team above all wants to take care of your hair.

No one will take better care of your hair than a Minelle hairstylist

In this section, we will help you find the perfect haircut adapted to your style by presenting different possibilities for your hair type. Do not forget that, concerning hair, nothing is better than reliable advice from an expert. So do not be shy and pay us a visit! Our hairstylists are at your disposal to give advice in function of your hair type and shape of your face. They will take all criteria into account to reveal the most beautiful version of you. Making an evaluation of your hair before every haircut helps our Minelle stylists answer every request and question. Is there a better job than the one which makes you even more beautiful? Come to Minelle Coiffure and let our talented stylists take care of your hair! They have one goal: your satisfaction.

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