Semi-permanent hair color

If you want to embrace a slight change, regain shine, or cover your gray hair, this type of hair coloring is for you. The ammonia free hair color will refine your natural color and will last about 28 washes. Applying it has proven to be quite easy: you just have to start with the roots by lifting the hair and then spreading the color throughout your hair. Leave it in for about 20 minutes before shampooing and that is all! There is just one small detail you should consider: when you choose the color, you should never take two shades darker or lighter than your natural color in order to avoid calling attention to the hairline. Here is a little trick: to maintain your hair color, use shampoos and masks made for color-treated hair according to the advice of your hairdresser.

Permanent hair color

As you can tell from the name, it will last long no matter the number of shampoos and it will completely change your natural hair color. This type of hair coloring contains ammonia and an oxidizing agent which penetrate the scalp and allows you to entirely cover your gray hair or radically change your hair color. Do not forget to check whether you are allergic to these products before beginning.


If you have dark hair but dream about a beautiful platinum blond, you should consider having your hair bleached. But be careful! For an effective and safe bleaching there is some advice to consider. First, you should have healthy hair to avoid damaging it. Secondly, if you want to keep a shining color and limit damage, it is important to take care of your hair. Repairing shampoos, purple toning shampoos, and nutritive masks will be your best friends to restructuring your hair and keeping your beautiful color as long as possible.

Coloration Minelle Coiffure

After making yourself comfortable, your hairdresser will, step by step, bleach your hair starting from the middle of its length to the tips and then the roots where the product will act faster because of the head’s heat. After that, your hairdresser will pastelise your color. In other words, he will apply a cool shade of color to give more intensity. Do not be afraid of bleaching your hair and go for it!


Californian or sunlight

If you want to keep your natural hair color on your roots but you also wish to have a shining and natural color gradient, let Californian highlights seduce you! This technique will lighten your hair or contrast between your colored and natural hair. Your professional hairdresser will simply spread the color in an irregular manner, from the tips to the roots, to obtain this discreet and harmonious effect. When you leave our salon, it will be like coming back from two sunny weeks on holiday.

Balayage californien chez Minelle Coiffure

Tie & Dye

This bicolor dyeing will allow you to have your natural color from the roots to mid-length and a different color on the tips. This horizontal type of highlighting is more often used on medium and long hair because the hairline is distinct, which will produce an overlooked effect on short hair. So, grow hair to have the required length and make an appointment for a tie and dye you will not regret!