Women’s haircuts

How to create a unique look with layers

Is your hair so heavy you can not even structure it? Is it falling down both sides of your head like a curtain? Layers are what you need! This cut can be adapted to every hair type, no matter if it is curly, straight, thick, or fine. It is really easy to achieve: your hairdresser will cut your hair by executing light levels. The most important thing to keep in mind is to create a balance between the different hair lengths. No matter if you have short or long hair, this haircut can match your style. Here is a little trick: if you have thick hair, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser to use the point cut technique. Your stylist will use thinning scissors and perform larger cuts. This will result in an unstructured and blurred look.

haircut woman

The bob; the classic haircut above all

The bob became one of the largest classic hairstyles. It can match every face simply because it can be declined in many different ways. Your hairdresser is able to advise you and help you choose between all the variations: long, short, with or without bangs, or even asymmetrical! For this method, all the hair will be cut at the same length. For women whose time is tight every morning, there is an ideal solution! You just need to brush it back in place and it is really easy to comb. One other substantial advantage is that your face will be framed and structured. If you want to avoid the “good little girl” effect, choose the blurred version.Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. They will show you the gesture to use and the products that work with your hair type to obtain the result you want.

Are bangs right for you?

To change your style quickly without touching your precious hair length, bangs are the right decision. Contrary to common belief, it can be applied to every hairstyle and make every face look wonderful. It only has to be adjusted. Women with a fine face should mostly opt for straight bangs over the eyebrow. A long and slender lock of hair will match with more square face, while women with a round face should preferably carry them on the side. If your hair is curly, never forget that your bangs will require more care than straight hair. You may want to opt for longer bangs. Even if you will need to visit your hairstylist more often, this is a good way to avoid the corkscrew-hair problem in the morning. Before you leap, do not forget that bangs necessitate more care. With quick visits to your hairdresser you will be able to keep them at the perfect length.

“Less is more” products

Men’s haircuts

Men’s hairstyles have evolved much in recent years and have the possibility today of finding a huge variety of different looks. Choose the right one to enhance your style.

What is the right cut for fine, thick, or curly hair?

Finding a cut fitting fine hair can become a real nightmare. The most suitable one will be of medium length with a layered cut. Your hairdresser will leave it thicker on the top of your head, which will create an impressive volume. To avoid too much care, one should try a very short cut. Nobody will notice it is fine as it is shaved, or almost shaved. If your hair is thicker and you do not wear a suited cut, you are probably worrying about the helmet effect. Choose a short or very short cut to avoid it. In order to keep some length, you have to keep a thinned visual, even on a medium length of hair. If your curly hair is hard to control, do not worry, you do not have to hide it under a cap anymore! You just have to opt for a shorter cut on the top of your head and somewhat shorter one on the sides. You can structure this hairstyle according to the seasons and your wishes with some styling wax. Never hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice!

haircut man

Follow the trend: choose the Undercut!

Adopted by all soccer players, singers or movie stars, the Undercut is the current trend. To achieve such a look, your hairdresser will cut, with scissors or a trimmer, hair on both sides of your head and leave it longer on the top. To stay perfectly fashionable make sure your hair is between 3 and 4 inches on the top of your head before you go to the salon. How should you brush it? The Undercut does not necessitate much care, as only the hair on the top of your head has to be combed. Do not forget that the more of an impressive volume, the more successful it will be.

Beginning to bold? Do not panic!

The loss of your hair can become a nightmare but do not think it keeps you from having a fashion style! In this case you have to choose a very short cut, or get fancy! You can, for example, become the new Bruce Willis and have a shaved head. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser before taking out your trimmer. This solution allows having a completely trendy look regardless of how much hair is left on your head.