Hair straightening

Thiolated straightening

What is thiolated straightening?

Thiolated straightening is based on the use of a straightening cream, also called a reducting cream, which allows more hydrogen to enter the hair fibers, so that it will adopt the desired shape. At Minelle, we use the L’Oréal x tenso products for both techniques of thiolated straightening.

Hair straightening with or without heat

Two main techniques coexist within thiolated straightening: either by open-air (cold) straightening or the Brazilian way with the use of ceramic plates. The first one, lasting about 1.5 hours, will lessen the general volume of hair and straighten your wild curls. The second one aims at diminishing hair volume, by relaxing your hair and adding natural gloss.

Alkaline or thiolated straightening?

With thiolated straightening, the frizzy hair’s structure is modified by the thiolated agent within the cream. This allows for 30% of the disulfide bonds that originally make your hair frizzy to disappear. This results in a stiffening of the product. We then apply an oxidant product that will give a lasting effect and consolidate the hair fibers. With alkaline straightening, (with or without soda), 90% of the disulfide bonds are destroyed. However, no additional product is needed since the alkaline component allows the fibers to bond back together. A thorough rinse is required to remove the alkaline component.

Which hair straightening technique is the best for my hair type?

Thiolated straightening is recommended for occidental hair that is hard to tame, whereas alkaline straightening is more suited to African Americans’ who wish for a radical hair change. Finally, these two different techniques are permanent and once the first application is done, you will only have to worry about treating regrown hair (max. 3 times per year).


We do not recommend this procedure if…

Before you consider an appointment with our salon and for your hair’s health, it is important to mention that any thiolated or alkaline straightening will be incompatible with:

  • hair that has already underwent an alkaline straightening (with or without soda),
  • hair that has been colored with henna, metallic salts or for decolored hair (whole head),
  • colored hair with an oxidant superior to 25 volume,
  • an irritated scalp or very damaged and badly nourished hair.

Finally, even if a straightening product never reaches your scalp, it always produces a change within the inner structure of your hair. Consequently, it is of utmost importance to repair the hair with natural hair care products after a straightening of any kind.

Natural keratin straightening

No drawbacks to keratin straightening! Natural keratin straightening is a hair care technique that can be applied to any kind of hair. Contrary to thiolated or alkaline straightening, keratine straightening does not modify the hair structure. The secret is the union of keratine and trace elements that give your lengths flexibility and a natural gloss.

Is Keratine straightening a real straightening technique?

In addition to deeply repairing your hair, this hair treatment will cover your hair fibers, giving them an immediate smoothing effect with the heat of the hair dryer and straightener. This harmonious treatment will last for 2 to 4 months, depending on the frizziness of your hair and the frequency of shampooing.