Do you know eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancestral method usually practiced in India, Iran and Turkey. This depilatory method is more and more common and appeals to women and men alike. Is your skin sensitive? Are you looking for a reasonably priced and especially painless hair removal method? Look no further! Eyebrow threading is for you! The eyebrow threading method just consists in locking hairs between two twisted threads. A safe and precise hand movement will increase the twisting of the thread which will help extract the hair more efficiently and without pain from the hair root. Thanks to eyebrow threading, the hair will not break because the root is removed in one go. This method results in a clear aspect from the first pass.
Do you have allergies? Is your skin too sensitive? Neither depilatory product nor warm wax are used with this method. So, eyebrow threading does not have any disadvantages. In order to achieve the perfect threading, the only tool needed is a coil of thin cotton thread.

The little advantage of this method?

It is a quick operation and it permits to remove an entire line of hair in one go, even peach fuzz can be removed easily to provide a splendid eyebrow design. As it is a natural threading method without any kind of product, there is less ingrown hair and regrowth is slower. Nevertheless, people with acneic skins or with spots on the front head should not remove their hair using this method because it is not well suited to this kind of skin.

Threading hair removal: How to do it yourself

First, take a coil of ‘sewing thread’. Select a thread which is not too thin or too thick. It just has to be solid but still easy to handle. Cut at least 19 inches of the thread and tie up its two ends.

Place your thumbs and index inside the thread with your palm facing down. Stretch the thread to form a rectangle.

Turn one hand in clockwise direction in order to twist the thread 6 or 7 times.

Now begins the most delicate part of threading. If you are not handy, it is not advisable to thread your eyebrows yourself. To start the threading, it is recommended to place the twisted part of the thread on the hair that you want to remove.

To extract hair, you just have to open your right hand fingers slowly so the twisted part of the thread will move to the left hand, removing hair at the same time.

Repeat this process up and down until all undesirable hairs are removed. To avoid a less precise eyebrow threading, do not overly separate your fingers.

If you want to carry yourself this depilatory technique out, be careful. This method requires dexterity, accuracy and experience. A bad threading hair removal can injure the skin, leave marks and reduce your eyebrow. If the twisting is badly done, you will feel pain during the process.

Are you interested? Then come and try!

If you want to try this ancient method, do not hesitate to come to the salon Minelle Coiffure. A threading made by a professional is always more ‘hairmonious’, less painful, and lasts longer (up to 3 weeks!). Threading hair removal is reasonably priced and its success is guaranteed!

Did you know you can thread your beard? Discover it!